Almost 90% of the hospital ship US Navy in New York empty in the middle of the fight coronavirus

USNS Comfort hospital ship holds fewer than 80 patients in New York City, leaving nearly 90% of the available space unused after an emergency delivery to the US epicenter of the crisis coronavirus.

Shortly after arriving from home port in Norfolk, Virginia, rescuers floating military has adapted to receive patients coronavirus, halving its capacity of 1,000 beds. On Friday, 71 of the 500 USNS Comfort bed is occupied.

During the White House briefing Friday, President Donald Trump says the lack of a patient on board shows that New York City was healing.

“They do not need it, it’s a good thing. It was such a good thing. I think that shows that New York is making progress, “said Trump.

On Friday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said that the country was still struggling to contain an outbreak of coronavirus cited nearly 2,000 hospitalizations every day.

Meanwhile, Cuomo and other governors across the nation are desperate to loosen restrictions and reopen the closed business for roadside assistance outbreak that killed more than 33,300 people in the United States.

After initially saying that the USNS Comfort will start receiving patients from the greater Philadelphia area, the Pentagon considering a press release on Thursday and issued a statement saying that “the information is not correct and should not be included.”

Pentagon deployed the USNS Comfort and the USNS Mercy in March to help with cases surging coronavirus.

Twin vessels, which turns on the giant oil tanker into a floating bed 1,000 rescuers, nearly three football fields long and 10 stories high, making them undeniably a hospital ship in the world.

Both ships have to take the patient’s side port at sea and helicopter deck for air transport. The ships are so large, each will be the same as the fourth largest hospital in the United States.

Vessels equipped with 12 operating rooms, blood banks, medical laboratory, pharmacy, optometry lab and CT scanners. Each has 15 inpatient rooms, 80 ICU beds and 10 lifts to transfer patients between decks.

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