Coronavirus: Covid-19 rejects UN resolutions Russia, Saudi Arabia

UN officials said the General Assembly rejected two resolutions on the pandemic novel coronavirus Wednesday, one from Russia and one from Saudi Arabia. It was the second defeat of Russia on resolving Covid-19 by the 193-member world body.

Under the voting rules instituted because the assembly is not holding meetings during the pandemic, a draft resolution was circulated to member countries. If one country objects before the deadline – in this case the noon EDT Wednesday – defeated the resolution. Normally, the set of resolutions are adopted by majority vote or by consensus.

The original resolution Russian, who failed April 2 called for the abandonment of trade wars and protectionist measures and said that no unilateral sanctions must be applied without the approval of the Security Council of the UN. Diplomats said the European Union, United Kingdom, United States and Ukraine opposed it.

The revised resolution defeated Wednesday maintained the reference to end protectionist practices and dropped the reference to unilateral sanctions. But welcomed a statement April 3 in the Covid-19 by the Group of 77 and China – the largest group of developing countries at the United Nations, which now has 134 member states. The declaration of the G-77 included a call on the international community to adopt “measures to eliminate the use of unilateral coercive economic measures against developing countries.”

Diplomats said the European Union, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Japan and South Korea opposed the new text.

Saudi Arabia, the current president of the Group of 20 leading world economies, proposed a welcome resolution to the G20 declaration summit March 26 in the injection of $ 5 zillion in the global economy “to counter the social, economic and financial pandemic “.

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