Samsung tops all PC brands in reliability in US market

Samsung Electronics tops all PC brands on the U.S. market in overall reliability, according to a recent report by American computer repair company Rescuecom.

In the latest Rescuecom Computer Reliability Report released on June 3, Samsung ranked first in reliability with a score of 529 and grade of “A+.” The report is geared toward consumers based on several criteria such as share of the U.S. computer market and the number of repair calls per brand.

In last year’s first half, Samsung finished second to Apple in the same survey but the Korean electronics giant reclaimed the top spot in the second half.

In the latest report, Samsung’s rate of computer repair share, a statistic measuring the percentage of calls to a service center for a specific brand, was only 1.21%. This figure indicates that out of 100 requests for PC repair, just a little more than one was for a Samsung model.

“Samsung demonstrates computer reliability at an amazing level, especially considering the size of their market share and diversity of their product line,” the report said, adding, “Samsung’s steady increase seems to be due largely to the company’s dedication to ensuring the reliability of its computers via rigorous testing before release. This includes an extensive battery of tests for every computer made before going on the market.”

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